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4.4 stars | 69 reviews
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Residential Fences

Whether you want to keep kids and pets in your yard or keep other people and animals out of your yard, we offer many types of fences that are both functional and beautiful. Arden Fence, Deck, & Construction Company provides exceptional solutions for wood fencing, metal fencing, and custom fencing made from a combination of materials, including brick, stone, or copper.

Metal Fences

We offer several residential metal fence and gate options to accommodate your unique needs and style. Metal fences are solid and durable, and they are generally the best option for additional security to your home and property.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link metal fences are often the most affordable option. They can be installed in different heights, ranging from four feet to 12 feet or more. They are durable, require no to low maintenance, and provide security for your house and property.

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fencing is more decorative and is likely more secure than other options. They are low maintenance and do not rust. Aluminum fences are easily adjusted to slopes and other changes in the terrain of your yard. Many aluminum fence manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty on the product.

Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fences are elegant and beautiful and offer many options that allow homeowners to create a custom look. They are sturdy and provide security, though the wrought iron will require regular care and maintenance every few years.

Wood Fences

Residential wood fences portray a natural sense of warmth and tradition. As the most popular fence type, wood fences are available in various sizes and styles. They are affordable, durable, and generally provide excellent privacy.
Classic wood privacy fences provide more height than picket fences, and they both may be finished with decorative post caps and custom gates.
Though split rail fences are used in farming applications, they may also be required in many mountain HOA communities that do not allow privacy fences. Split rail fences provide a natural look that blends in with our surrounding topography and beauty. Split rail is available in two-rail and three-rail styles and offers a few material options:

  • Pressure-treated
  • Cedar
  • Locust
  • Hemlock

Custom Fences

A custom fence is a wonderful way to add beauty, value, and your own personal touch to your yard. We will help you evaluate your needs, desires, and budget to create a fence design and installation that mirrors your personality and sets you apart.
Custom fences may include several materials, such as wood, metal, brick, stone, copper, and more. Features to consider for your custom fence project include a unique entryway, entry arch, entry arbor, custom-designed wooden gates, and custom-designed metal gates.

Commercial Fences

A quality fence will boost the appeal of your business’ property, and it will also safeguard your physical assets. Arden Fence, Deck, & Construction Company offers several fencing solutions customized to your needs and goals, starting with a thorough evaluation of your property area, timeline, and objectives for your fencing project.

We Build Quality Commercial & Industrial Fencing for:

Agricultural Fences

There are no “one size fits all” solutions for livestock fencing. What works for goats won’t work for cattle! Arden Fence, Deck, & Construction Company provides livestock and agricultural fencing solutions for a wide range of farm animals. In addition to permanent fencing, we also offer portable fencing solutions to make pasture rotation a breeze.
Call us at (828) 450-4778 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started on your livestock fencing project!

Horse Fencing

The primary consideration for choosing a horse fence is visibility. Your horses should be able to see the fence so that they don’t run into it and become entangled or suffer injury.
Wooden or vinyl post and board fences are ideal for sightlines, but they are also labor-intensive to install and expensive. These fences, especially the wooden variety, also require regular maintenance.
Wide-strand electrified polytape fencing or coated fence wire are also good for sightlines. They are lighter weight, easy to install, and require much less maintenance.

Cattle Fencing

Cattle need to be able to see the fence, so cattle fencing should be at least five feet tall to properly contain the herd. While barbed wire has been the most common choice for many years, you can now choose from other types of fences for cattle.
If you are trying to keep calves in and predators out, we recommend woven wire. However, one of the most economical types of cattle fencing is high-tensile wire systems. We also use high-quality posts and recommend that you electrify your fence to provide a sturdy product and the best containment.

Pig Fencing

Pigs are very intelligent, and they like to root. As such, you need safe and sturdy fencing, and you may need to electrify it. We recommend woven wire in four-foot-tall panels.
These heavy-gauge wire panels stay strong when the animals run into them, and they keep them safe by not allowing their heads to fit through. Other pig fencing options include electrified high-tensile wire and wire netting.

Goat Fencing

Goats are curious and determined, and they can get through almost any fence. We prefer woven wire for sturdy, permanent, and economical goat fencing.
You may need a goat fencing option that will allow you to rotate your grazing areas more easily. In this case, we recommend electric net fencing. The net fencing needs to have 3 ½” vertical line spacing as the larger 7” spacing would allow them to get their heads through the netting and potentially become stuck or injured.
With the net fencing, the posts will be spaced more closely than if you chose woven wire. You can also electrify either of these fences for additional security.

Sheep Fencing

Sheep are intense grazers that deplete vegetation in a pasture, so a rotational grazing plan is a must. This rotational grazing plan may require two types of fences: perimeter fencing and interior fencing.
Perimeter fencing is the outermost fence installed around the property’s boundary. It encompasses the grazing area and is the first line of defense against predators. We recommend woven or high-tensile wire fences with close spacing at the bottom and electric offset wires.
The interior fence does not need to deter predators, and you may want it to be movable to rotate your grazing areas. We recommend electric net fencing as the ideal interior fencing choice.

More Livestock Fencing

Arden Fence, Deck, & Construction Company handles fencing projects for all types of animals and livestock. We will ensure your livestock fencing is the proper size, strength, material, and charge to contain and protect your herd. Call us at (828) 450-4778 or fill out the form below to get started on your livestock fencing project!

We Offer Livestock Fencing for:

  • Chickens
  • Alpaca
  • Bison
  • Llamas
  • Mules
  • And More

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