Asheville Area Retaining Walls

The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to keep soil from moving. Our beautiful areas in Asheville and surrounding Western North Carolina, have a significant amount of terrain changes. These earth undulations frequently need to be controlled to inhibit erosion, prevent flooding and manage earth movement. The secondary benefit is that these walls can be built to expand your usable space, enhance your landscaping and increase your property value.

Retaining Walls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and contruction.

Retaining Wall Uses

More Living Space – on ground level use walls to level the land and raise or lower living spaces such as lawns, patios, and courtyards

Planting Areas – elevate planting areas for improved drainage and better plant growth

No matter the function or height of the wall, it needs to be built with the proper structure, drainage and materials. Both the strength and longevity of the wall depend upon the foundational elements.

Retaining Wall Materials

Wood retaining walls blend into the environment and landscape well. They are also generally less expensive. Any wood will eventually break down, but we construct these walls properly for the most longevity, so they are likely to last 20 years or more.

Concrete retaining walls can be built in a variety of different ways. We can work with basic concrete, either poured or in slabs. As well, many manufacturers have designed full lines of varying textures for interlocking block and precast stone for more decorative retaining walls. After proper installation, these concrete walls will last for many generations.

Masonry retaining walls are beautiful, and are generally the walls that take the most time and money to construct. They may be built with standard brick or cinder block, with or without a decorative cladding. They may also be built with materials that provide much more interest and beauty such as flagstone, river rock, boulders or any mix of these materials. We are happy to complete your masonry retaining wall with mortared stones of your choice or with dry stacked stones or boulders. These stone retaining walls will last for many decades.

Any of these types of retaining walls will be a functional and beautiful addition to your property. Remember that they are also tasked with an important function, so they must be designed and built properly and with the utmost safety in mind. Let us help you design your custom retaining wall and then bring your vision to your home.

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